Thursday, May 28, 2009

5-11-09 - 5-14-09

Alyssa's final project for her ALP class was to do a report on air & flight. When the paper came home about it, I turned it over to Josiah. ALP is just what it sounds like...too advanced for me!

Josiah and Alyssa agreed to do her project/report on Bernoulli's Principle. I was able to go in and listen as she gave her report. She did an awesome job. She's kinda quiet in the video, but here it is...

That evening Alyssa had a choir concert. I only recorded one of the songs and it's from my camera, so the picture is rather grainy, but here it is...

The girls' piano recital was also that week. They did awesome!

I was totally lame and missed the first few notes in Rylie's first song...

And then she got to do a duet w/her piano teacher which was fun for her!

Their piano teacher is about to have a baby so lessons are on hold for the summer. But also, their piano teacher is moving a ways away and I'm torn not knowing for sure what to do. The girls love her and I hated ripping them from their first piano teacher. The dilemma is that I have to take Josiah to work on the days of piano lessons which hasn't been a problem because she lived in the neighborhood and I could just drop the girls off and come back home while they had their lessons. I'm just going to have to decide what will work best. We will likely stick with her atleast to try it out and see if we can make something work.

Anyway, that's today's update! Hope everyone is having a super great week!


Sundee said...

I heard of a good piano teacher in the Hawes ward. It's the Primary President Sis. Farnsworth. (I can't remember her first name) Anyway, a friend of mine in that ward said she was really good and was reasonably priced. She also teaches over the summer. Just FYI!

Jenna Consolo said...

So cool! I loved the girls' recital videos! They're doing so well!

Also, I love the song that Alyssa's choir got to sing. I think it's cute how virtuous the song choices are when you live in a heavy Mormon area. As opposed to, say, where I live, where the kids sing Mexican Hanukkah songs, in Armenian, for example. :)

Great school project too! Awesome kids!