Saturday, June 6, 2009

5-19-2009 - 5-25-2009

(I feel like I'm getting more and more behind, but I think I can see a light at the end of the tunnel?)

The kids' have been out of school now for a couple weeks.

Trenton's last day for preschool was on the 19th and we celebrated by having a little pool party here at our house.

On the 20th the 4th grade put on a "musical". Here's Rylie's class' performance...

Later that same day, Camden's Kindergarten class had a small celebration...

The last day of school was Thursday the 21st and it was a nice short 1/2 day.

The first day of summer the kids got to hang out at home while I spent a good portion of the day at the funeral & helping out at the family luncheon, of a friend from church who had passed away very suddenly the week before. Less than 1 week after being diagnosed with Leukemia. Her name was Celia Turley and I don't think a single day has gone by, since I heard of her passing, that I haven't thought about her or her family. Even 2 weeks after the funeral. I guess I hadn't realized while she was around, how much of an impact she had on my life. She is surely missed. I wish I could go back and atleast have the chance of giving her a hug and telling her "Thank you!" I don't think I realized it right away, but now for sure I know how blessed I am to have known her.

The following Monday was Memorial Day. Josiah had the day off and since we didn't have any plans I took the opportunity to go to my mom's by myself and scrapbook all day. I then spent the next couple of days at home working on some scrapbook pages w/Rylie and Alyssa. I'll put pics of those pages up later.

Hope everyone is having a super great weekend!


Abby said...

Camden! Hahahahahahaha I love it! He's like..I don't want to do this! hahahahah awesome.

Yay for summer!!

Hannah said...

Yeah it's been a while since you posted any pics of scrapbook pages! I love seeing them. That's one of those talents I wish I had. I love looking at scrapbooks.

Jenna Consolo said...

My kids have 2 more weeks of school still. All those end-of-the year activities/parties/celebrations get to be a lot, huh? The more kids, the crazier it is. How fun that yours are all at home with you now.

So sad that your friend died after only a week of knowing her diagnosis! That is so sudden. I've known people that have died suddenly like that and it is always such a jolt to my life. Really wakes me up. You're lucky to have known her though.

YogaNana said...

Oh, Nana loves it!

And I gotta agree with Abby -- Camden is just way too cool for that room.